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When it comes to B.C. real estate, what can you get for $385,000? Part 2

‘Location, location, location,’ is a realtor’s favourite phrase. So with that in mind, The Sunday Province looked at what you can buy for $385,000 , depending on your location in B.C.

The search for a house in Vancouver was over really quickly – there are none on the market for that price. The cheapest detached home we could find in Vancouver was listed at $499,000. The search in Richmond was a little easier, but it still didn’t mean a house. If you yearn to tend a small plot of fertile Richmond topsoil, a townhome may fit the price.

Basically, if you’re retired or looking for a retreat, meaning price is more important than locale, the farther you move from the big smoke the better the deal.

Rainy Prince Rupert and snowy Prince George offer princely homes for $385,000.