Top 10 reasons why you should choose me to market your home.

Professional advertising of your home through all possible avenues is critical. Nearly all transacctions of homes are at one time or another found and or sold through online means. As the trusted manager of the most successful social media page in Mission I have community knowledge that very few possess.

In any market to sell homes for top dollar, your agent needs to know and understand the community.

1) Web Presence


Almost all of Missions homes for sale are found online. If you don't have an adequate website, you might as well rely on carrier pigeons relaying messages. It has been said that approximately 30% of homes buyers looking to purchase in Mission are from out of town, with very limited knowledge of our community. It's critical that your agent be able to sell the idea of Mission, know what the town has to offer, bylaws, why our community is special and upcoming future attractions.


Even more important than having an adequate website is a strong social media presence. Combined, the two social media pages and website I run I reach over 5,00,000 people a year. No realtor in Mission even comes close.  

2) Professional Photography


The old saying "you get what you pay for" is exactly what it means in Real Estate to have a good photographer. When you sell your home it's imperative that Realtors hire professional photographers. It is the duty of the trained photographer to capture the value of your home in an image. I hire the most talented/unique Real Estate photograph experts in the lower mainland which make your home stand out above the rest.

3) In Person


As your agent it is my responsibility to be an expert on your home and sell it. I believe it is imperative and my duty to you to showcase the special features, answer questions and be present during all viewings. I am your most important asset and marketing tool which you possess, so why settle for a lockbox? I am selective with my clients and take on as much as I can handle to ensure I provide you with top quality service. Lockboxes are lazy and a way to cut corners, in an attempt to juggle more business. I believe it is not ok for a lockbox to replace your agent, do you?

4) Floor Plans


All my selling packages include a professionally designed and measured floor plan. Not only does this refresh a clients memory of viewing your home, it allows them to conceptualize the occupancy of the space. Creating attractive, easy to read, computer drawn floorplans is time consuming, but are a very effective way ot assist in the sale of your property.

***Bonus*** My floorplans allow each buyer access to move around furniture, change wall colors, flooring material, take down walls, completely redesign your home the way they want it as well as take a tour with an avatar.   


5) Home Staging Consultation

home design.jpg

Each home I list comes with a home staging consultation by highly sought after Louise Henry from 

Home staging is the ability to create a positive and lasting “First Impression” with elegant placement of your furniture, art and accessories. By showcasing the most positive architectural features of your home Louise will give you advice on what your home will need to make it more appealing in today’s market and maximize your investment.

6) Google Street View


All my marketing packages include an automatic sync with Google Street View. The ability to swivel, shimmy 360 degrees zoom in and zoom out gives potential buyers the ability to take a virtual drive through your neighborhood and familiarize themselves with their potential purchase. This is another amazing tool to effectively market and further assist me in the sale of your home.

7) In Print



I offer custom 11X18 full color feature sheets, showcasing multiple pictures of your home for prospective buyers. Included is also a monthly payment breakdown provided by Verico Mortgages disclosing expenses associated with owning your home. Ten days after your home hits the market I send out 4X6 full color postcards with a brief writeup of your home to residents in your area, black and white 8.5"X11" is so 1990's.

8) Open Houses


The marketing package you choose determines the frequency of open houses I provide. I offer high impact, well advertised open houses complete with refreshments, relaxation music and a mandatory guest sign in for the safety of your belongings. In addition to regular open houses your home will be featured in an agent open house to familiarize top agents in the area with your home.

9) Mailouts


With each one of my listings I provide double sided custom 4X6 full colour mailouts of your home on 85lb gloss cardstock paper to up to 2000 residences in your sided black and white 8.5X11 is so 1990's! Who knows, perhaps your neighbors may know someone interested, your home may as well look it's best. 

10) Signs   

20150818_111352_HDR-2 (1).jpg

I almost forgot to mention each listing gets one of these rad signs!

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